Orlando Ballet is the professional resident ballet company in Central Florida. The Orlando-based organization employs a full-time company of national and international dancers from Brazil, Japan, Korea, Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, as well as the United States, performing both full-length classical ballets and contemporary repertoire programs.


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The Orlando Ballet was falling victim to the stereotype of being an old-fashioned ballet company. They got Moxē because they needed to connect the Ballet to a younger audience and showcase the personalities of the dancers in order to create their own fan base.



When Moxē took over the Ballet’s social media we increased post frequency, introduced a younger, humorous voice and ran targeted campaigns to introduce a new audience to the world of dance.  We highlighted the dancers and “humanized” them (because they ARE human after all) to relate to and start a conversation with the audience.


Moxē developed a message that the company is changing and ballet is BACK!  We then pushed that message out to our media contacts to cover the transformation of the Ballet.


Finally, we captured the Ballet in action.  Our team attended rehearsals and performances to shoot video then edited it to create behind the scenes original content.  The creative team also designed customized E-blasts for marketing campaigns announcing ticketing promotions and performances.



The growth Orlando Ballet has experienced between December 2015 and March 2016 is one for the record books. With social media soaring to new heights and the messages reaching a record number of people, Orlando Ballet has re-established its presence within the Central Florida community. Orlando Ballet quickly turned from your traditional ballet into a trailblazer within the niche.



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